Show your Lawn and Plants some TLC

Show your Lawn and Plants some TLC

Everything in Texas is bigger, including the weather.  With temps rising here, it becomes increasingly more important to show your lawn and plants some TLC.   Even the hardiest of plants can be damaged in temps over 100 if not cared for correctly.

Here are a few quick tips to help you out:

1. Not only does the early bird catch the worm. The early waterer has the prettiest lawn. Water early so the ground can absorb the water.

2. Stay (awww) just a little bit longer… with your lawn that is. During this time, its important to not cut the grass too short. This keeps it from burning.

3. Now mulch it out…Mulch provides a layer of protection for your plants and keeps the ground from drying out too quickly.

4.  Put the fertilizer down.   While fertilizers are generally great for yards, applying them during the heat of the summer can burn your grass.

5.  Show some TLC all year round.  Yards that are routinely taken care of through out the year will respond best in stressful, high heat times.