Outdoor Living-An Extension of Indoors

Outdoor Living-An Extension of Indoors

While (especially in Texas), porches and patios have always been popular, the trend has even stepped up a notch.  No longer is your outdoor area a separate space from the interior, but it’s now an extension.  So, what does this mean?  Well, since folks are spending a lot of time (and money) outside, you’ll want to have a plan in place.

Regardless of your style, several factors should be considered and planned.

1.  What is the purpose of the area?  Do you want a small, private area for just your family, or are you more social and want to entertain.   This can help determine the size and flow of the space and the larger items you may want incorporated such as a fireplace or grill.

2.  Take stock of your property and placement of your patio.   Do a walk-around and consider what you like and don’t like about the space.  Also keep in mind how the sun hits the area, neighbors, animals, etc.

3.  Consider how you transition from indoors to outdoors.   You want the area to be a convenient transition.

4.  Choose building materials to complement the color and style of your house.

5.  Sketch it out.   This helps you “see” how the area will look.

Some projects can be done in a weekend and some require a professional to come in and help with this process.   If you need some help navigating an outdoor build or remodel, give Ribble Land Construction a call!