Post-Tensioned Slabs-Good Choice for Central Texas

Post-Tensioned Slabs-Good Choice for Central Texas

With our weather a good option for slabs in Texas and especially Central Texas, is post-tensioned.   If you’re in the industry this isn’t really news, but for home and business owners, further explanation is probably due.   We think it’s important for our customers to be educated on the ins and outs of what they purchasing so here’s a quick 411:

What is Post-Tensioned Slab?

A post-tension slab is a slab of concrete that has been pre-stressed using a specific method to increase the strength of the concrete.  Before a post-tension slab is poured, high-strength steel strands or cables are laid in a tight grid to help support and give strength to the slab once it has cured. The tendons are sheathed in plastic so that they do not directly touch the concrete. After the grid is laid then the concrete is poured and cured up to 75% at which point the “tensioning” of the cables is done.

Benefits of Post-Tensioned Slab

-Good for areas with expansive soils, such as Texas

-Economical because a smaller depth of concrete can be used to create the same result as regular slabs

-It reduces or eliminates shrinkage/cracking-therefore no joints, or fewer joints, are needed

-Cracks that do form are held tightly together

Applications for Post-Tensioned Slabs

Post-Tensioned slabs are not just for residential homes.  They are beneficial in a multitude of applications.

-Concrete water tanks

-Commercial buildings


-Parking lots/garages

-Rock Masonry

If you have any additional questions regarding post-tension slabs just contact us!