Concrete-It Isn’t Just for Outside

Concrete-It Isn’t Just for Outside

Concrete-it isn’t just for outside anymore.  When you think Ribble Land Construction, I’m sure you picture outdoor jobs.  True, most of our projects are outside, but sometimes our work lets us be in the AC.  And those jobs can be really cool (no pun intended)!

So, what can we do inside?   Well, think stained or stamped flooring, walls, overlays, and… countertops.  Yes, countertops.   The last, is what we want to talk about specifically today.

Concrete for countertops is quickly becoming a material of choice because they are durable, simple, and strong.  You can easily customize them to your style preference.   Want sleek and modern-done.  Rugged? A natural look?  All can be accomplished with concrete.

Here are a few other items that make this type of countertop appealing:

-Durability-Concrete countertops will last for decades!

-No seams-This means they are easy to care for and clean.

-Customization-Because they are free formed, you can choose the shape, edges, and whether you would like to use other materials along with the concrete.

-Stain resistant-Once sealed, they are stain resistant.

If you are considering concrete as an option for countertops, give us a call to discuss in more detail.