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Outdoor Living-An Extension of Indoors

While (especially in Texas), porches and patios have always been popular, the trend has even stepped up a notch.  No longer is your outdoor area a separate space from the interior, but it’s now an extension.  So, what does this mean?  Well, since folks are spending a lot of time (and money) outside, you’ll want to have a plan in place. Regardless of your style, several factors should be considered and planned. 1.  What is the purpose of the area?  Do you want a small, private area for just your family, or are you more social and want to entertain.   This can help determine the size and flow of the space and the larger items you may want incorporated such as a fireplace or grill. 2.  Take stock of your property and placement of your patio.   Do a walk-around and consider what you like and don’t like about the space.  Also keep in mind how the sun hits the area, neighbors, animals, etc. 3.  Consider how you transition from indoors to outdoors.   You want the area to be a convenient transition. 4.  Choose building materials to complement the color and style of your house. 5.  Sketch it out.   This helps you “see” how the area will look. Some projects can be done in a weekend and some require a professional to come in and help with this process.   If you need some help navigating an outdoor build or remodel, give Ribble Land Construction a call!... read more

Concrete-It Isn’t Just for Outside

Concrete-it isn’t just for outside anymore.  When you think Ribble Land Construction, I’m sure you picture outdoor jobs.  True, most of our projects are outside, but sometimes our work lets us be in the AC.  And those jobs can be really cool (no pun intended)! So, what can we do inside?   Well, think stained or stamped flooring, walls, overlays, and… countertops.  Yes, countertops.   The last, is what we want to talk about specifically today. Concrete for countertops is quickly becoming a material of choice because they are durable, simple, and strong.  You can easily customize them to your style preference.   Want sleek and modern-done.  Rugged? A natural look?  All can be accomplished with concrete. Here are a few other items that make this type of countertop appealing: -Durability-Concrete countertops will last for decades! -No seams-This means they are easy to care for and clean. -Customization-Because they are free formed, you can choose the shape, edges, and whether you would like to use other materials along with the concrete. -Stain resistant-Once sealed, they are stain resistant. If you are considering concrete as an option for countertops, give us a call to discuss in more... read more

Post-Tensioned Slabs-Good Choice for Central Texas

With our weather a good option for slabs in Texas and especially Central Texas, is post-tensioned.   If you’re in the industry this isn’t really news, but for home and business owners, further explanation is probably due.   We think it’s important for our customers to be educated on the ins and outs of what they purchasing so here’s a quick 411: What is Post-Tensioned Slab? A post-tension slab is a slab of concrete that has been pre-stressed using a specific method to increase the strength of the concrete.  Before a post-tension slab is poured, high-strength steel strands or cables are laid in a tight grid to help support and give strength to the slab once it has cured. The tendons are sheathed in plastic so that they do not directly touch the concrete. After the grid is laid then the concrete is poured and cured up to 75% at which point the “tensioning” of the cables is done. Benefits of Post-Tensioned Slab -Good for areas with expansive soils, such as Texas -Economical because a smaller depth of concrete can be used to create the same result as regular slabs -It reduces or eliminates shrinkage/cracking-therefore no joints, or fewer joints, are needed -Cracks that do form are held tightly together Applications for Post-Tensioned Slabs Post-Tensioned slabs are not just for residential homes.  They are beneficial in a multitude of applications. -Concrete water tanks -Commercial buildings -Bridges -Parking lots/garages -Rock Masonry If you have any additional questions regarding post-tension slabs just contact... read more

Ribble Construction-Design to Build

Finding a company that can handle your entire project from design to build can be challenging.  That’s where Ribble Construction comes in!   We can see your home or commercial building project from beginning to end.     This process obviously saves you time, but it can have additional benefits you may not realize. There is one entity with full responsibility for your project.  Responsibility translates to accountability and brings with it the power to control the whole job, including all the important aspects like cost, schedule and quality. Having  these components working closely together on all phases of a project allows smooth operations. Utilizing one company for the job allows for better coordination of tasks.  Instead of having several sub-contractors competing for time, you have a group effort on the entire project. Lead time is reduced as well.   Since there is a central chain of hierarchy, the project is able to run more efficiently, thus saving lag time and ultimately money. If you are looking to begin a new project, give us a call at Ribble Land... read more

Show your Lawn and Plants some TLC

Everything in Texas is bigger, including the weather.  With temps rising here, it becomes increasingly more important to show your lawn and plants some TLC.   Even the hardiest of plants can be damaged in temps over 100 if not cared for correctly. Here are a few quick tips to help you out: 1. Not only does the early bird catch the worm. The early waterer has the prettiest lawn. Water early so the ground can absorb the water. 2. Stay (awww) just a little bit longer… with your lawn that is. During this time, its important to not cut the grass too short. This keeps it from burning. 3. Now mulch it out…Mulch provides a layer of protection for your plants and keeps the ground from drying out too quickly. 4.  Put the fertilizer down.   While fertilizers are generally great for yards, applying them during the heat of the summer can burn your grass. 5.  Show some TLC all year round.  Yards that are routinely taken care of through out the year will respond best in stressful, high heat... read more

Xeriscaping-Sustainable Landscaping

Xeriscaping-originally coined to target drought afflicted areas, it has now become the buzz word for land conservation/sustainability.  The word originates from the Greek xeros meaning “dry,” the term means literally “dry landscape.”  While cactus may immediately come to mind as your only option in much of Texas, there is a wealth of other plant options out there.   First though, let me explain the basis of xeriscaping and benefits associated with it. Benefits: Saves Water:  This is arguably the most important aspect of the choosing to use Native plants in your outdoor area.   Water has become a limited commodity. Less Maintenance:   This immediately deserves a thumbs up right?   Utilizing plants/grasses native to Texas means they are naturally adapted to the general climate and soil of the area, thus reducing maintenance. Economical:   Because the plants used (again) are Native, less water, fertilizers, etc. are needed. If you are interested in converting your outdoor area to encompass Native, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, a plan needs to be put in place on how you will lay out your area.   You need to understand the area you are covering; slopes, natural water flow, etc. all need to be taken into consideration.   There may also need to be some soil preparation depending on the plants you select. Not sure what type of plants are Native to your area?  A landscaping company or your local Extension office can help you out.   Here’s a quick list of some plants that work well in Central Texas. Live Oak Crape Myrtle Texas Persimmon Texas Mountain Laurel Red... read more